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The goals of this blog are (1) to raise the visibility of Keck Geology Consortium programs, (2) to provide Keck research projects with a venue for communicating the process and results of science, and (3) to foster student learning about communicating science to the general public.  We invite contributions to the blog from project students, faculty and staff.  Submissions will undergo brief review before posting.

Sharing is Caring

We were situated underneath a bridge which was frequented by hikers, so throughout the day people would stop and stare, prompting us to greet them and strike a conversation. Everyone we spoke to was super excited to hear about what we were doing and often asked intriguing questions. It was amazing to connect with so many individuals, to the point where knowledge of our work was being spread throughout the Many Glacier area.

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Mooving and Grooving

I could tell it wasn’t going to be a usual hike. First of all, unlike the trail to Iceberg, the trail was pretty void of people. This made our group feel a real intimacy with the wilderness around us. Second of all, after walking just a little bit on the trail, we came to realize that the trail had turned into one giant incline. Oof.

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