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Interested in Proposing a Project?

The Keck Geology Consortium seeks proposals for Gateway and Advanced student research projects:

Important Dates

09 Oct:    Proposals due for 2022-23 projects

Faculty Recommender and/or Mentor/Advisor?

Information for Faculty Recommenders

If you agreed to serve as a FACULTY RECOMMENDER, you should receive a copy of the completed application from the student applicant and a copy of her/his transcript before you complete your online Faculty Recommendation. More information on preparing a Faculty Recommendation.

Information for Faculty Mentors/Research Advisors

If you agreed to serve as a FACULTY MENTOR/ADVISOR, you should receive a copy of the completed application from the student applicant before you complete the online Faculty Mentor/Advisor Form.  More information on the responsibilities of a Faculty Mentor/Advisor.

Important: Please note that Faculty Recommenders and Faculty Mentors/Advisors are not necessarily the same person.

Important Dates

Download Flyer of 2022-23 Projects

15 Feb   Student Applications due

22 Feb  Faculty Recommendations due

Project Director or Faculty for 2019-20 Project?

Guidelines for Short Contributions:

This document is sent to students but has the general formatting guidelines for both student and Director’s submissions. Please look at past Symposium Director’s submissions to see the general style and content. Such contributions should lay out the general background, scientific questions and goals as well as place each student’s research into context. This is not the place to wax at length on faculty research. Deadlines are as follows:

  • Student Draft to Research Advisor: by Late February – talk to your Student!!
  • First student draft to Project Director: by Monday March 2, 2020
  • Final draft of both Student and Projector Directors papers to the Keck Office: by Monday March 16 , 2020
  • Galley proofs returned to students and project directors for final review:  by Monday April 20, 2020
  • Final copy edits of galley proofs to Keck Office: by Monday May 04, 2020

Resources for Short Contributions and other Publications:

Instructions to Authors of ‘Short Contributions’

Poster Logos:  Keck Banner, National Science Foundation

*On both your Short Contribution and on any subsequent publications, you MUST acknowledge the support for your project from the Keck Geology Consortium and The National Science Foundation (see below).  The current NSF grant number is NSF-REU1659322*

*Guidelines for Publications Mandated by The National Science Foundation

Important Dates

28 Feb    Student Drafts to On-Campus Advisors

02 Mar    Revised Drafts to Project Directors

16 Mar    Final Drafts to Keck Office

20 Apr    Galleys returned for proofing

04 May    Final copy edits to Keck Office

Resources for Project Directors and Faculty

  • Faculty Medical-Dietary Information Form
  • Faculty Fellowship Form
  • Personal Vehicle Use Liability Waiver (Optional online form)l)
  • Project Director/Faculty Handbook
  • Information for Academic Advisors
  • Advisor Responsibilities