Faculty Recommenders

If you agreed to serve as a FACULTY RECOMMENDER, you should have received a completed application from the student applicant and a copy of her/his transcript. The “Online Faculty Form” button on this page takes you to a Google Form where you will be asked to:

  • Certify that courses and grades submitted by the student are accurate
  • Submit a letter of recommendation (copy and paste into a text box).

The most effective recommendation letters include brief responses to the following prompts

  • Please describe your relationship to the applicant. How long have you known her/him and in what capacity?
  • Why do you think this student will successfully complete an independent research project?
  • Why do you think this student will work well in a research group? Please provide information on the ability of the student to work successfully with other students.
  • Does this student bring anything exceptional/unusual that will improve the group research experience? How will this student’s participation contribute to the Consortium’s mission of enhancing the diversity of future scientific communities and sharing our science with a broader audience?  Is this student a good choice for his/her first-choice project? How will this experience be unusually beneficial to the student?
  • Finally, you will be asked to make an overall recommendation of the student for their first, second, and third (for advanced students only) choice projects.

Important: Please note that Faculty Recommenders and Faculty Mentors/Advisors are not necessarily the same person.

Important Dates


15 Feb:    Deadline for Applications

22 Feb:    Deadline for Faculty Recommendations