In order for your application to the Keck Consortium REU Program to be considered complete, a Recommendation must also be submitted on your behalf. Below are some suggestions for how to Choose a Recommender, and Steps in Requesting a Recommendation

How to Choose a Recommender (who will add value to your application)

  • they should be familiar with your academic work and interests (e.g., faculty member, laboratory instructor, academic advisor)
  • they should be familiar with your abilities to work with others and in groups (e.g., observed you working on group projects)
  • ideally they should have a sense for your ability to successfully complete a research project (e.g., observed you solving problems, conducting experiments, or engaging in classroom-based research)
  • the recommender and mentor/advisor can be the same individual, but this is not required

Steps in Requesting a Recommendation (to ensure a timely submission)

  • identify a recommender well in advance of the deadline (at least several weeks),
  • discuss the Keck program, your interests, and your application materials with them,
  • ask if they would be willing to write a recommendation in support of your application,
  • provide them with materials (e.g., program description, project descriptions, copy of submitted application, academic transcript) to help them prepare the recommendation,
  • check back with your recommender before the deadline to make sure that a letter has been submitted