Concern / Incident Report

When concerning behavior or sexual misconduct occur on a Keck program, it affects our entire community. Because the Consortium cares about the climate of the community and the safety of community members, we encourage you to communicate your concerns about what you have experienced or observed. When the Consortium is well-informed about what is happening on our programs, we can make decisions to better support and protect our community. There is no concern that is too minor to report.

Submitting a Community Concern form does not automatically start emergency/crisis response or the sexual misconduct complaint process. However, based on the information you share, the Consortium may take some immediate action to ensure that our community members are safe and supported.

We will respond promptly to your concern. Someone from the Consortium (depending on the nature of your concern) will follow up with you- if you have chosen to leave your contact information- to make sure that we understand your concern and can discuss any next steps and possible support options for those involved.

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Community Concern Form

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We do not require that you share your name and contact information with us; however, without this information, we will likely be limited in what we can do to follow-up on the concern. Please note that to best support you, address the behavior of the person of concern and to protect our community, we typically need follow-up and clarifying information from the reporting person. We encourage you to share your name and contact information.
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Please provide your full name, so we can follow-up to clarify information you have provided.

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Please provide a brief, concise narrative of your concerns using objective language. Please refrain from using medical or mental health diagnosis or assumptions, unless those diagnosis or specific details had been previously shared by the person of concern.

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