Matanuska Valley, Alaska

This project aims to expose students to methods of paleobiological and historical analysis on a fluvio-lacustrine early Tertiary basin in south-central Alaska. The summer program will consist entirely of fieldwork, with the expectation that some laboratory analyses will be carried out through the academic year 2008-2009.

Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island offers unequalled opportunities for integrative research in earth and environmental sciences: within its modest perimeter we can study rates of recent sea level rise and anthropogenic pollution within the framework of climate and environmental changes over centuries to thousands of years,with even a peek into the past a hundred million years ago.

Poggio Colla, Italy

Our geoarchaeology project will coordinate with and support the larger goals of the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project and Poggio Colla Field School. These endeavors combine excavation, intra-site archaeological spatial sampling, and archaeometry as part of an interdisciplinary regional landscape analysis of the Etruscan site of Poggio Colla and the surrounding area. The project seeks to contribute significantly to understanding of the Etruscan culture, which inhabited central Italy in the first millennium BCE, coinciding with the early Iron Age. A long-term goal of the MVAP is an interdisciplinary regional landscape analysis of the area around Poggio Colla.