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The big day is here! Over the next 4 weeks, the Keck Utah research crew will keep you updated with our research exploits in the field and in the lab.

On June 15th, Charley Hankla (College of Wooster) and Madison Woodley (Mt. Holyoke College) arrived at San Antonio International Airport and spent the evening getting to know Caroline McKeighan and Director Ben Surpless (Trinity University) and preparing for the next day’s trip.

On the 16th, Charley, Madison, Caroline and Director Ben Surpless (Trinity University) enjoyed a beautiful, yet uneventful, drive from San Antonio, TX, to Albuquerque, NM. The next morning, Curtis Segarra (Trinity University) hopped aboard, and we finished our journey to southern Utah. After setting up camp, the crew enjoyed a delicious quesadilla dinner during which they discussed the next day’s field research.

The next morning, after a quick breakfast, the team took time to discuss methods and tools used to measure faults and fractures in the field. At the field site (Red Hollow Canyon), the students put these tools to work to measure the intensity and characteristics of faults and fractures along the canyon wall.